Friendship is what we have in lives happy and sad moments.Friendship is what is left and remembered after a battle is won.Thus, we need to give friendship a full meaning by being there for each other.Friends share moments and it is in sharing that we discover that our friends are not ok.

It takes good friends to shun judging and to avoid gossiping around when their friends are not ok.It costs nothing to be good.if you cannot help at least don’t increase the hurt one poet once said.

At the end we remember not the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends goes one of my favourite quotes.Surely it needs friends to always check on each other to avoid the negative effects of bottles emotions of life’s tough moments.

As I was discussing with some friends Brian Nyabuno and Patrick Gutu, we were alarmed level of suicide in tertiary institutions and as Catholic young people we became concerned .

We realised something was pushing pipo to kill themselves and in most cases it was depression.
Moved by the need to stop the rate of suicide caused by depression cases among or peers we ended up starting an initiative we termed the Depression Free Movement which brought our concern into useful action.

We use social media, and digital means to create system that will listen to the voices that aint audible and help them to realise their worth for there is a tomorrow to look up to.

We can no longer be silent; we can no longer look away and we can no longer ignore lest we will caught unaware again by another black phase of suicides. Depression is killing us emmotionaly and also phsically, depression is taking away dreams and stealing our future.

The depression free movement therefore is advocating for a depression free society by utilising existing 24/7 access to proffessional counsellors, circulating motivations and doing awarenesses both online and offline. Our motto being , #checkonyourfriends gives each of us a task to participate towards a depression free society.

A depression free society begins when as young people we start caring for each other, when we further friendships from not only bring partners in partying but powerful all-time association

I personally believe that many of us have a person or a group of people in our lives that we feel comfortable sharing issues with. Their listening and your sharing is a step towards the solution so let’s help each other.For those who might not have anyone close to share issues with I mantain that bottling isn’t the solution when Depression Free Movement and it’s sister groupings are there to help you and direct you well.

As we intensify the fight against depression let’s support each other by joining support groups in our communities and equip ourselves with a load of helpful advices, prayerfulness, honesty and all means within our reach to help each other when we notice that our friends are not well.if high schools are forming support groups. Why can’t we take dfm to our cathsocs and parishes to.

We don’t live in a one mens island of in an each man for himself kind of environment .Dhaaring, the reason why we co exist in this world.God made us not stay as loners for the purpose of sharing.

.iwe neni tine basa.

# checkonyourfriends