By Shingirai Karondera – National Public Relations Officer

Pray, Register, Vote is a clear message for you and me to take part in our country’s democratic and electoral processes non-violently. With baptism we are made Prophets, Priests and Kings and with confirmation we are affirmed to spread the work of God to the ends of the earth without fear and favor.

So, what do we have to do with politics? Harold Lasswell says politics is the decider of, ‘who gets what, when and how’, subsequently, politics is ubiquitous. In politics’ ‘omnipresence’ you and me can’t afford to ignore it – in the workplace as office-politics, in families as family-politics and allow me to even mention the reality of mjolo – politics.

The message is simple, you are an opinion leader by virtue of being a tertiary student. Hence, what better way to show leadership, actually heroic leadership by PRAYING for your country, inserting your faith in action by REGISTERING to vote and being the salt of the earth by VOTING.