NMCS Harare Region Executive 2021 – 2022


Welcome to the first edition of our NMCS Regional Conferences updates for 2021. Let me start by congratulating all candidates who managed to grab posts in the Harare Region Executive (2021-2022)

Ranganai B M (Harare Poly)   
Tapiwa Beverly Kalitawo (HIT)   
Wadzanai Patience Marwizi (UZ)   
Lylod Gora (CUZ)   
Rufaro Tembo(CUT) 
Kimberly Lifa (HIT)


  1. Tariro Mhepo (BUSE)
  2. Rodrick (BTTC)

It is by God’s grace that we managed to have a successful regional Elective Conference from 22 to 24 October 2021 at Mother of Peace Children’s Home in  Mutemwa. This year’s  conference was running under the theme “Living together in love” We had beautiful talks during the conference, about depression and Pray Register Vote led by Fr Bamusi and Pardingtone Nhundu respectively.

Since the first Covid-19 case was reported in Zimbabwe on 20 March 2020, and the subsequent lockdown measures
introduced by the Government, uncertainty and anxiety has gripped our NMCS but thank God we managed to revive the movement. It was indeed a delightful event that everyone never imagined. There is no doubt that this regional conference ranks among the most interesting NMCS events done before. There were almost 150 people in attendance including students and associates. The institutions who attended include UZ, CUZ, BUSE, HIT, CUT, WUA, and Telone Centre for Learning. The main agenda for the conference was to unite Catholic Students from all institutions in prayer,as well as to conduct elections for the Regional Executive.

For the success of the event,I would like to give special thanks to NMCS National Chaplain Fr Isaac and Fr Bamusi for guiding us through the whole conference. I would also like to thank our Patrons for taking good care of us during the conference. As as far as we may all thank everyone for duty played during the conference, Mother of Peace Children’s Home can not be exempted. If it wasn’t them, we couldn’t have managed to have a successful event. The hospitality was something else,yes their love for us was unimaginable. Last but not least,the efforts  made by the Outgoing Harare Region Executive in rejuvenating our NMCS are greatly appreciated

As we reach the tail end of the year,I want to make a clarion call to all NMCS stakeholders that we should remain focused and keep our eyes on NMCS objectives,mission and Vision.
We might be a crazy family but I would never ever wish for it to be any other way. I’m so deeply thankful for you team NMCS.

Shingirai Karondera
NMCS National Public Relations Officer