A picture taken during the NMCS Harare Region Executive Handover Takeover at Prestage House on 7 November 2021.

Experience have granted the understanding that maturity does not come with age, but rather with acceptance of responsibility .It takes accountability, reliability and transparency at most to be a gratifying leader, as learnt from the outgoing executive.

On 7th of November 2021, a meeting was held at the Prestage house, Harare Zimbabwe, with an outgoing and incoming executive. The event took place in the presence of NMCS Board Member Mr Mukadzambo, Cathsoc Institutional Presidents,and Emeritus.
To kick start, the program was initiated by a Holy Mass which took place at UZ Chapel hall, led by Fr Gibson Munyoro. The celebration was characterized by glorious melodies and a powerful word.
After mass we moved to Prestage house, we had a 30 minutes tea break after, attributing to the Shona sayings,”Ukama igasva hunozadziswa nekudya.” Following the tea break, there was a warm welcoming of visitors by the incoming V.P, Beverly Kalitawo.This could be rather considered as just a quench to the norms, though the food had already played the main role.

We managed come up with 27 people who managed to attend this meeting. There was the recognition of special emeritus amongst us such as Mr Moyana, and Mr Chinhoi.
There was a talk on “knowing NMCS”, led by former National Organizing Secretary Mr Jacob Matumbe and the programs Officer, Miss Polite Magadza as they gave a brief background of our NMCS.Leadership talks then came after knowing NMCS session, with the first speaker, Mr Chinhoi highlighting the types of leadership, flashing an elementary of being “a servant leader”, with the capability of being exemplary. He indicated on four tenants of being servant leadership, categorized by encouraging diversity of thought, creating a culture of trust, having an unselfish minded and the ability/zeal to foaster leadership in others.
Mr Kelvin Moyana then took over from there, further sharing on the principles of leadership, with the inclusion of discipline (being exemplary), being tough, trusting team members and courage over and above all, he indicated the aspect of “moving forward”, as we cannot be a movement without visible movement.

A minor discussion of a meeting evaluation was encountered led by Mr Tinashe Mukadzambo, with reference to the previously conducted conference which occurred in Mtemwa, focusing on issues such as food, transport and liturgy.
An hour was set aside for lunch, where we were catered for fairly, which exposed the grasping of what had been taught to us in line with leadership strategies, which was impressive. A regional strategic plan followed, being led by the Harare regional president Ranganai and Organizing secretary, Wadzanai. There was the employment of project management, to establish scopes which need to be covered and futuristic events to be part taken in and presided over by the incoming board. Miss Polite went further to give us a task breakdown, indicating the task each and every member of the executive to adhere to and oversee.
Closing remarks were then given, applauding everyone who gave a hand and facilitated in making the day a success.
With the objectives of the meeting being met, and the talks being conducted in a harmonious manner, it can be said that it was highly encompassed by a success. There were a lot of takeaways of information which most probably everyone left departed from the site.

Many thanks to the outgoing executive for planning such a mind opening meeting.

May God continue to Bless our NMCS.

By Lloyd Gora

Harare Region PRO