Friendship is what we have in lives happy and sad moments.Friendship is what is left and remembered after a battle is won.Thus, we need to give friendship a full meaning by being there for each other.Friends share moments and it is in sharing that we discover that our friends are not ok. It takes good […]

Masvingo Region Tree-Planting : A historical event!

By Nyasha Muchanya At a moment when The Nationsl Movement of Catholic Students (NMCS) is anticipating to be turning 30 years uniting students through Christ,Masvingo Region witnessed the movement (NMCS) hosting a succesiful tree planting day in December 2019 in the presence of the Regional President “Lawrence Svova”. The historical event was done on the […]

Pastoral Letters: The March has not ended

On 14 August 2020, the Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops released a pastoral letter that address the current state of the nation. This was followed by a letter from the Catholic Professionals Network of Zimbabwe in support of the pastoral letter. Download and read these documents here

Growth in Gratitude

By Hamadziripi Chinhoi Can I allow oneself to move beyond just the ritualistic thank you because I am conditioned to say so, is it an obligation or even because it’s a manner taught growing up and to a more intentional thank you that recognizes the presence of God in all things, a God who gives […]